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Dita Baumane- Auza,

Practitioner, Certified Doctor- Gynaecologist,
allowing blending of traditional medicine limitations with methods of the art therapy.

Flavour of life may be found in its spices!

Spices of my life are poetry and painting

Art is fruition of life. It fills up like a vessel of life strains – by every meal, by every adventure and every emotional experience. The shape of the vessel may change with years and it expands, it may become weight-counterweight or communicated- separate vessel. It may press down on the ground, or it may send up swinging high. The moment comes when you wish it not only broader, but more magnificent as well, in order to provide light to others. So as you might not only observe colours of life, but create, shape, paint by yourself.

Paint experience as an adventure, as strokes of brush by your soul in the painting of life. The art of noticing the net, wrapping feelings in your heart. Let a sunbeam break through it. Dispose of all unnecessary things on your way to live.

Art of colours opens your mind for your heart and allows taking some rest and dreaming. Joy of creation is invaluable and overwhelming. It lights up on your colour palette filling your soul with joy.

Art as a therapy - it helps to think about yourself, understand your health and healing

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